Urban farms co.

Discover the future of food systems

Building deeper relationships between farmers and consumers

Our network of partner farm clusters are located just outside your city, close enough for you to drive to. When you visit these farms, you meet and get to know the farmers who grow your vegetables. You exchange stories and experiences about the produce directly with them. You can even choose to participate in any of the farming processes! Through this direct involvement you will discover how every single raw material that comes into the farm can be traced back to its origin. You will see for yourself the benefits of chemical-free regenerative organic farming. Most importantly, when you are back home enjoying your healthy meal, you will know where your produce came from and the farmer who nurtured it.

Switching back to natural farming for safer, more delicious and nutrient dense produce

Our network includes dozens of independently owned farms, adapted to regenerative farming methodology. A system of farming that is 100% natural, that promotes biodiversity, and which enriches the soil instead of depleting it. The soil here becomes rich in nutrients, microorganisms and other life form a living system of natural connections and relationships. Our team of farming experts work hand in hand with the farmers to ensure this model is implemented perfectly. They provide step by step training and all the inputs that are required: the soil, the seeds, and all necessary farm services. Because regenerative agriculture is a natural non-chemical way of farming, it yields delicious, flavoursome produce. It increases yield and the plant's resistance to climate instability. The nutrient dense produce ensures better health and vitality to you as well as for the entire community.

Reversing climate change

One of the important benefits of regenerative agriculture is its ability to mitigate climate change. Because it helps improve soil health, increase biodiversity, retain water, decrease erosion, and remove the need for chemical inputs, its overall footprint is carbon positive. Additionally, all the activities managed by the Urban Farms Co. hub take place within the local region of the network farms, keeping its carbon footprint extremely low. The hub uses biomass from the region as raw material - to develop soil for the farms. This biomass would otherwise obstruct normal life in these communities and is often burnt to get rid of. Prevention of such burning prevents large scale CO2 emissions. This soil has a lot more organic matter which improves its water-holding capacity and eventually leads to improved in-ground water levels.

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