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Discover our innovative, futuristic food system

Changing the food narrative

Ours is a bioscience-based agriculture process, with inputs and practices rooted in scientific knowledge. We believe that this system has the power to change the world, as it changes the food narrative.  Our growing network of farmers gain proficiency in the latest methods of cultivation and regenerative agricultural practices, at our demo farms, which they then replicate on their own holdings. The scientific farming practices now put to use continually enrich and regenerate the land and allow for a smaller carbon footprint. Our system was recently awarded the prestigious Food System Vision 2050 Prize by the Rockefeller Foundation, which recognised us as one of the top ten visionaries in the world in this sphere. The question they had posed was: “How to feed 10 billion people by 2050 on a hotter planet?”. Our model was also selected as a futuristic food system and an answer to the current global food system crisis at the Global TFF Challenge 2021.

Climate-friendly farming

Using scientific bio-farming practices, we create soil that is teeming with bacteria and fungi—a combination that creates a vast grid supplying essential micro-, macro- and complex-compounds to plants. Further, regenerative farming processes support photosynthesis above the ground, and microbial life below it, thereby nourishing the symbiotic relationship between soil-microbes and plants. In essence, regenerative agriculture helps improve soil health, increase biodiversity, retain water, decrease erosion, and remove the need for chemical inputs. Its overall footprint is carbon positive—which means it can actually mitigate climate change. Since all the activities managed by our hub take place within the local region of the network farms, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint even further.

Visit a farm, see what we mean

Our network of partner farm clusters are located just outside your city, close enough for you to drive to. When you visit these farms, you meet and get to know the farmers who grow your vegetables. You exchange stories and experiences about the produce directly with them. You can even choose to participate in any of the farming processes! Through this direct involvement you will discover how every single raw material that comes into the farm can be traced back to its origin. You will see for yourself the benefits of chemical-free regenerative organic farming. Most importantly, when you are back home enjoying your healthy meal, you will know where your produce came from and the farmer who nurtured it.

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