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Our movement is based on a close relationship between you - the urban consumer and our partner farmers. Urban Farms Co.'s produce is grown by a network of carefully chosen local farmers. These farmers have committed to regenerative agriculture and are trained at every step by our team of experts. Our team also ensures the highest levels of quality at every step. By removing middlemen we significantly improve farmer livelihood. A direct cooperation between farmers and consumers lead to great outcomes. Come join us, let's promote healthy food systems together!


About Us

Our journey of working with diverse farming communities across India goes back to two decades. It all started in the mountains of Eastern Ghats, where a tribal community paved the way for what we call Arakunomics. Backed by Naandi Foundation, this model was further developed and later replicated in diverse regions in India including Wardha in Maharashtra and the state of Punjab. In this process, we formed a close-knit community of over 25,000 farmer families, who came together to help us build a first-of-its-kind ecosystem for regenerative agriculture. The agricultural model we practise today was consistently brewed during 20 years of our in-depth engagement with local farmers and indigenous tribes.

Working together with farmers across terrains, our team was able to generate produce that was unique, one that displayed exemplary taste and quality. The proof came in the form of global award winning Araku Coffee produced by farmers of Araku region, now retailed in Paris. Launched in 2019, Urban Farms Co. brings together a group of serious food thinkers with decades of on-field practice. We believe that the produce grown via organic regenerative methods is not only of the purest quality and full of nutrients but also packed with taste for the palate. We are passionate about food and nutrition and aim to bring in the concept of traceability within your conversations around the food you consume. Enabling a farming model that is ecologically and economically favourable lies at the core of Urban Farms Co.

We started our first urban food system just outside the national capital, marking the beginning of a healthier food system for the planet.

And just as we launch, we are chuffed that our organic food system has been recognised globally by The Rockefeller Foundation as one of the top 10 'Visionaries' in the world for the prestigious Food Vision 2050 Prize.

Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar

The big picture guy with an eye for detail, Manoj has been a student of Economics and propounded Arakunomics with his work as the founding CEO of Naandi Foundation.

Recharges battery by: re-reading Dostoyevsky

Loses sleep over: turning agriculture on its head 


Vikash Abraham

Vikash Abraham

Knowledge seeker and compulsive problem solver, Vikash is an engineer turned architect for creating regenerative agriculture templates for small farmers

Recharges battery by: long solo bike rides (min 2500 km)

Loses sleep over: perfecting our 'patented' soil compost

Raheel Wagle

Raheel Wagle

A millennial who chose the less travelled road, Raheel is a chartered accountant who believes the future lies in financial innovations like carbon sequestration.

Recharges battery by: winning badminton matches by a huge margin

Loses sleep over: farmers not making profits

Daljit Singh

Daljit Singh

Born to a farmer's family in Punjab, Daljit holds a post graduate degree in forest management with over three decades of experience with Indian and global companies on afforestation and contract farming. A mid-life crisis that somebody mowed his forests and a scare of farmers being reduced to mere statistics has made the former sprinter ready to run the marathon of his life by creating biodiverse regenerative agriculture farm clusters across the country.

Recharges battery by: long brisk walks

Loses sleep over: converting conventional farmers to organic farmers

David Hogg

David Hogg

The Kiwi who flew out of New Zealand and lost his wings soon after landing in India way back in 1971. David has seen and knows India more than most Indians, thanks to a decade each spent in the Sri Aurobindo ashram, his biodynamic farm in Kodaikanal, and Naandi Foundation. Having lived a rich and complex life of racing horses, breeding dogs, making cheese and biodynamic preps, David's unfinished dream is to get an Indian passport.

Recharges battery by: 500 squats in under 3 minutes (PB: 2020 as on new years eve)

Loses sleep over: people preferring diet and weight loss over nutrition

Anupama Sreeramaneni

Anupama Sreeramaneni

The human version of a microprocessor chip, Anupama uses her engineering and MBA combined with professional experience across three continents in creating systems and processes. In short, she converts ideas to action.

Recharges battery by: watching Korean films

Loses sleep over: cutting (brand) corners

Neha Rege

Neha Rege

Neha’s gentle manners and demeanour is a facade to her non-negotiable value system when it comes to governance, finance, and partnerships. This true blue dyed-in-the-wool Chartered Accountant upholds the highest ethical standards at every stage.

Recharges battery by: food, trek, and sleep

Loses sleep over: not meeting market expectations

The team is enriched by a panel of award winning farmers,
soil experts, microbiologist and many more

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